Unitron Hearing Aids in Oklahoma

Unitron hearing aids oklahoma city logoHearAgain sells and services the Unitron brand hearing aids in our Oklahoma City store at the Quail Springs Mall and our Norman hearing center. As you can see below there are several different Unitron hearing aids to choose from along with several other hearing aid brands. So give us a call at 405-748-5920 or stop by our Oklahoma City or Norman heraing center where our staff will work one on one with you to make sure you’re fitted for the hearing aid best suited for your needs.

Unitron innovates to make the lives of people with hearing loss better. People that wear hearing instruments are concerned with understanding speech in noise filled situations. Their audiologists and engineers work to improve client acceptance and satisfaction.

Some Unitron hearing products available are:


Quantum™ is a new generation of fully automatic hearing instruments that allows you to experience the most natural, effortless listening. Wherever your day takes you, Quantum lets you hear conversations in challenging listening environments with ease, enjoy music as it was meant to be heard, and connect seamlessly with all your wireless communication and entertainment devices.


Moxi™ is the beautiful little hearing aid that goes beyond great looks, offering sophisticated performance, too. Discreetly hidden behind your ear, Moxi is a Unitron_MOXI_KISS.1pleasure to wear, because your ear canal stays comfortably open. With Moxi, sounds are so natural and its so comfortable, you just might forget it’s there.


Built upon revolutionary technology that is easy to understand, Passport™ premium hearing instruments allow you to achieve significantly better hearing. Passport empowers you with the confidence to communicate, even in challenging listening environments.


The Latitude™ family of products offers hearing instruments that fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle. Models 16, 8, and 4 offer varying feature richness, allowing for greater budgeting flexibility.


Choosing a hearing instrument that fits within your price range shouldn’t mean missing out on features that will help you hear the best that you can. Shine™ is a unique affordable hearing instrument, delivering natural sound, comfortable listening and better speech clarity not typically seen at the essential level. That’s because Shine is about more than providing great value; it’s about providing a hearing instrument that is absolutely invaluable.


The 360™+ and 360e™ provide the power you need, all day, everyday, without compromise. Now you can improve speech understanding, while maintaining sound awareness and listening comfort, all with durability you can depend on, no matter your listening situation.


Tandem™ is a new CROS/BiCROS hearing instrument designed to overcome the difficulties associated with hearing in only one ear. The system picks up sounds on your poor ear side and transfers them to your better ear. Should you have hearing loss in your better ear, Tandem will also help you hear more of what is occurring on your better side.