Hear Again Advantage

What’s the Hear Again Advantage?

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Hear Again.  We are a locally owned, family operated business and we treat our customers as an extension of our family. We really do have lifetime customers that have purchased their last 5 or more sets of hearing aids from us.

It does matter who you purchase your hearing aids from. It’s actually a BIG deal! When you first get hearing aids, there should be a lot of upfront counseling involved. You have to learn the intricacies of how this new product works so it can function properly. Plus, it takes an average of 7 adjustments to the get the aids working at optimum level. Programming is KEY for your aid to function at the highest level. Maintenance is also a must. For the life of the hearing aid, you will need to have your aid cleaned/serviced at a minimum of once every three months. This means you will be seeing the people you purchased the aid from a lot!

We also have labs at every location. We do this so our customers don’t have to wait on repairs. Also, all of our employees know how to build a hearing aid from scratch. We stand behind products and we love what we do. Come experience the Hear Again advantage.

90 Day money back Guarantee

If you don’t like the hearings aids after at least 4 adjustments you can take them back to Hear Again for a refund

*Return fee of no more than 10% or $150 per hearing aid may be charged for 90 day money back guarantee.

On-Site Lab At Every Location

You don’t have to wait on repairs. Most repairs can be done while you wait. This is huge if you cannot hear and need your aids to function. Most hearing aid stores do not have in house labs and audiologists don’t either.

Lifetime Service Guarantee
with every aid purchased at Hear Again

  • Adjustments to hearing aids for optimum working clarity
  • Cleaning which must be performed min of every 3 months for optimum quality
  • Battery check or change
  • Assessment of repair

*Lifetime service warranty does not include repair unless the aid is under warranty