Common Hearing Aid Questions – Answered

April 15, 2016 9:11 am

common hearing questions, answered

My family members think I need hearing aids, but I hear fine. What should I do?

It is common for family members and friends to notice your hearing loss before you will. If your loved ones have suggested visiting a hearing specialist, this is a great time to get a free hearing check!

What can I expect at a free hearing screening?

So you’ve decided it’s time to have your hearing evaluated and you are considering hearing aids, but you’re not sure what to expect at your free hearing check. Don’t worry – a hearing evaluation is incredibly simple, but thorough. During the evaluation, the specialist will use a sound booth and test the patient to understand what pitches and sounds they can hear.

Are hearing aids difficult to maintain?

With proper care and treatment, the most difficult part of owning hearing aids is not losing them! When you are fitted for hearing aids the specialist will walk you through the process of changing the battery and cleaning the products, both of which are incredibly simple tasks. Don’t let the fear of maintaining hearing aids keep you from being able to hear again.

What are some common challenges when adjusting to hearing aids? 

When you are first fitted for hearing aids, the sounds you hear may seem overwhelming or strange. If you feel disoriented by the new noises you now hear, it may be beneficial to only wear your hearing aids for a few hours during your first few days to give yourself time to adjust. During this adjusting process, you may want to avoid crowded and noisy places until you feel more confident with your new hearing aids.

What is the normal wait time to get hearing aids repaired?

If you send your hearing aids to a manufacturer to get repaired, it may take weeks before your hearing aids are returned. At Hear Again, our high-tech lab on-site can repair all brands of hearing aids, usually while you wait. Don’t go weeks without being able to hear, call us at 405-748-5920 for service.

How many types or brands of hearing aids do you have available?

At Hear Again, we carry a large inventory of many different types of hearing aids, including brands like Widex, Resound, and Unitron. During your free hearing test, we will discuss the hearing aid options that will best suit your needs.

How do I know when to have my hearing checked? 

Hearing loss can often feel slow and gradual, so it may be difficult to know when it is time to seek a hearing professional. If you are struggling to hear in large crowds of people or you notice yourself withdrawing from social events, it may be time to seek additional help.

Is it ever too early to get an exam? 

If you are concerned about your ability to hear properly, it is never too early for an exam. Those who skip professional exams may risk further damaging their hearing when using sound amplification products or working in a loud environment. An early exam may help you find a treatable cause for hearing issues.

Do you offer a free exam? 

Yes! If you are ready to have your hearing tested and see if you are a candidate for hearing aids, we will give you a free hearing exam and determine which option is best for you. In most cases, we offer same-day service for our customers.

Explain the importance of going with a company with a full service lab on site. 

A full-service hearing lab provides a major benefit to customers, both for the convenience and the reduced waiting time. Hearing aids occasionally need to be adjusted or serviced during their lifespan, and in most cases, they do not need to be sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired. With an on-site full-service lab, these minor repairs can be fixed with minimal waiting time, allowing you to resume life as usual as soon as possible.

Do you have a warranty available? 

Yes! When you buy hearing aids from Hear Again, we offer a lifetime service plan. This plan includes cleaning, adjustments, and other services for the life of the hearing aids.

I have a question not answered above, what should I do? 

We would love to hear from you! Contact us today and we’d be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.